7 Facebook Live Tips for PRO Facebook Live Streams!


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— Facebook Live Tutorial: 7 Steps to PRO Facebook Live Streams! —

With some simple tips it’s easy to get professional Facebook live stream results. Whether you’re looking to use Facebook live for business, grow Facebook followers, as a tool to level up your Facebook marketing, or are just starting out and wondering HOW to go live on facebook – this video will step you through a simple process to level up the quality of your livestreams and boost your results!

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  1. I find the facebook live video feature to be confusing. When I am setting it up – the video dims and when I add a description, it seems to cover my face…do we just ignore that? It is really difficult to make a video thinking…am I going to look like a fool?

  2. Liveleap at over £15 a month is absolutely ridiculous. Especially for a new business setting up.

  3. We are Live streaming our worship service using Iphone… suggestions for microphone to plug into phone to amplify sound ?

  4. How can I connect to a Virtual Tour Link (I'm a realtor) while I'm doing a facebook live? I guess it would be a screenshare. Then talk about what is being shown on Virtual Tour.

  5. I do DJ live sets on Facebook and as I'm moving around switching vinyl, the camera keeps auto focusing and this leads to pulsing effect where every one of my movements results in a pulse and focusing. How can I turn this auto focusing off. I'm using an Android phonr

  6. The problem I have with using my phone selfie camera for facebook live is it flips the "signs" behind my desk. Is there some way to correct that?

  7. Thanks for doing this! Any thoughts on being able to switch back and forth from yourself and what you want the viewer to see (not yourself)? Is there a way to do that?

  8. Great video, well explained… Something seems off though… Latency issues? The audio and video don't sync properly.

  9. Tell PEOPLE straights away
    About things they HAVE 2 layout money for
    Your keeping people watching making them think its all free
    NOT good

  10. Any tips on how to do an event with multiple video sources (Coronavirus lock down) on one facebook live stream event? Or will each stream have to be separate, with viewers having to jump on each one?

  11. always getting pixeleted facebook live .. what is the reason ? have tried everything and also internet speed is high . going live with Samsung S10 Plus . is that Facebook live varies based on Mobile Devices ?

  12. Hi mate, I wonder why my Facebook keep crashing down while I'm doing live video and then if someone texted me, the live video suddenly end..

  13. What gear would i use to record while in my car? Can you do a video showing how to set up the gear in the car?

  14. This is so awesome. I want to start doing FB Live Streams. So much here I didn't know. Really helpful to know I can practice by only streaming to myself.


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