DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa


In this video, I made a DIY modern outdoor sofa. From 4 by 4 lumber.
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***** Plans for this ( SOFA) ********
The overall dimension of this sofa is 77.5inL x 30inD x 33.5inH
Free Sketchup:

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—————-Materials Used in the Video—————-
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(5) 4X4 Douglass Fir Lumber (Arm legs and Structure)
2X4 Lumber
Lag Bolts
3in wood screws
1/2in and 7/16in Dowel Rod
Wood Glue
Products Used
Large Umbrella:
4k Projector
LED Lights Strip:
Threaded Stem Furniture Glides:

—————-Tools Used —————-
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Saw Stop
Drill / Driver
Miter Saw
Chisel set
Cordless Sander
Glue Bottle:
Neon Orange Mallet:

Woodworking Plans (Big Bundle)

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  1. wow. you really make some sleek looking stuff! I love your style. I've been telling my husband that I really want us to build our own nation furniture. I think we just found our plans! we probably won't be able to get to it this year because of the baby coming but next year for sure! great stuff here!

  2. I've found thing that always bugged me about your video's…
    …Is the fact that I don't have the room for a shop setup like that. Man, I love to see your video's! Great designs and execution of those designs!

  3. Nice! I just got done building this. It the cushions I bought are too thick. Where did you get your cushions?

  4. Oh, by the way. There is an outdoor mosquito fogger that you spray all over the floor on the outdoor area you want to get them away. I can confirm that it lasts around 3 hours before you have to spray it again. The mosquitoes are colossal here as well.

  5. The combination of your joinery, your voice, and the completeness of your explanation is extremely satisfying.

  6. I'm working on my own outdoor sofa design with some inspiration from how yours turned out. I'm working out how to attach the back without any visible hardware. Do you just have two lag bolts through the bottom and one through the arm rest? How is it holding up?

  7. You make it look so easy! Of course you have such talent in this area. Hope to tackle this project soon. Be well. ✨

  8. great project! Thanks for sharing the design and the inspiration! Love the outdoor projector setup — another bonus idea!

  9. Your project came out awesome! Smart design and looks really good. Enjoyed watching put this together. And the TV was awesome as well.

  10. Ahah! so inspiring! and OMG your shop looks clean!
    I'm surely gonna test my skills again those sofa and fat chair!

  11. When you learn how to control mosquitoes, please do make a video about that. I want to sleep at night, even though my channel name doesn't say so.


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