Facebook JavaScript SDK: Login and Get Basic User Info – 1


Learn Facebook JavaScript SDK and this is going to be a video series about Facebook JS SDK and in the first part we are going to learn that how we can initialize and setup Facebook JS SDK in the script then login with Facebook and get basic user info using Facebook Graph API so watch the video and if you get any question then ask me in the comments and this video series will be about pure JavaScript programming language.

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  1. hello, if I don't want to use those buttons , the facebook script will work so as to show me data on analytics?

  2. I got error, when i clicked login button:

    Insecure Login Blocked: You can't get an access token or log in to this app from an insecure page. Try re-loading the page as https://

    i'm using in localhost
    how to enable for localtest

  3. when I tried the code it's showing the facebook tab opened and it says that you "Insecure Login Blocked". Please Help me Out Here…!

  4. I love these tutorials where the person doesn't even remember how to code. You should have everything already written on a second monitor or on a paper at least. This is just cringe-worthy

  5. Very good video Sohaib, it worked fine the code worked as expected and currently is working may 2017. Thanks for sharing the kwnoledge

  6. how to solve that error" Service Worker termination by a timeout timer was canceled because DevTools is attached."

  7. Hi, I have written the same code he has at 9.45, but when I run my file, blank page..
    So I open the console to see what isnt working, and I have " reference error : FB is not defined"
    I clicked on "learn more", and it seems that FB is a variable I haven't defined, but he doesn't define any variable named FB, does he ?

    Well, thanks for answering and apologize for my mistakes (I'm french)

  8. Next time you make videos using a machine loaded with pirated software, don't show your hosts file to the world (5:45).

  9. Can we safe fb from report by javascript??People always report my account and my account block😭Plzzzzz help with me

  10. Are you shitting me? Everything you have here is already on FB. I was looking for the part that was not on FB — how to get the user's info: email, etc. — as you have in your title — and that's the exact point where you video stops?! Fucking useless.

  11. hello , i was wondering if create your facebook application as a Website, do you still need to create a separate application to run on the facebook mobile app. OR can you develop a mobile website that viewed on a smart phone
    thanks in advance

  12. great video
    Excuse me as I can get in addition to the id or name of two parameters or more ??
    For example id, name and email ?? I understand that the getinfo function is in charge, but I have not yet been able to get more than one variable
    please help


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