How to Set See Translation on Facebook,Fb में सी ट्रांसलेशन को कैसे यूज़ करें


Topics covered in this video are mentioned below
Its usee is very easy see translation update of fb available for both pc and Android users

facebook translate language latest video
Turn On Translation In Facebook
Language Translate button on Facebook pages
FACEBOOK Automatic Translation In Several Languages Post
How to Change Languages Translations Settings for Post on Facebook News Feed
Some more Topics are.. described below
See Translation setting
How to set See Translation
what is the use of See Translation on fb
See Translation fb latest update
how to use See Translation
how to set See Translation
fb setting
See Translation setting on fb,
Facebook में सी ट्रांसलेशन को कैसे यूज़ करें

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  1. At 00:28 write something here ki niche jo language hai usko kaise change kre plase bataiye na sir please a honourable request from me to you

  2. bro apnar write something here niche j ekhane kichu likhun ache aita kivabe remove korte hoy amar write something here niche hindi lekhata ase jeta ami remove korte parchina jodi way ta janen help koren

  3. But agr mere fb pe o setting nhi rhega toh mjhe see trancltion dikha nhi dekha fir kaise hoga 😨😨😨😨

  4. Finally, something that bloody worked. Went to Facebook help page and that was useless. I don't understand Bengali but I understood you and now I have my translation back

  5. ধন্যবাদ আমি বুঝতে পারছিলাম না এটা কিভাবে চেঞ্জ হয়ে গেছিলো😅

  6. ये हर पोस्ट म नही आ रहा है सी ट्रान्सल्टेशन हमे बताये


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