Deadpool squeezes his way into the MCU Facebook feed.
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If Marvel Had Facebook 5


Alex Walker Smith – www.alexwalkersmith.com
Peter, Vision, Doctor Strange, Thanos,

Amanda Philipson –
Susan, Friday, Proxima Midnight

Joe Gaudet – /

Jon Bailey –
Groot, Hulk, Corvus Glaive, Eitri, Thor

Akeem Lawanson –
Ebony Maw, Black Panther, Heimdall

Brock Baker –
Rocket Raccoon

Kelly Sparrman

Josh Mattingly –
Iron Man

Captain America, Warp Zone


– The Warp Zone –
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35 thoughts on “IF MARVEL HAD FACEBOOK 5

  1. I had to skip all the god of war parts cause I’m in the middle of playing it and don’t want spoilers

  2. The 4th wall has been broken! Get the Flex tape!
    Ps only Fanfic readers on Wattpad and etc know what I mean 😉
    👇🏻 like if u get it or use wattpad or other Fanfic reading platforms ♥️

  3. Captain America: We Don't Trade Lives
    Black Panther: You're Asking Thousands Of My People To Die So You Can Save One Guy
    Captain Ameria: Yup, Cause We Don't Trade Lives.
    Deadpool: Wooow Captain. You Are A Straight Up Racist.
    Captain America: What??? I'm Not A Racist. I Have A Black Friend.
    Falcon: Seriously Cap???
    Deadpool: Captain America… Dude From The 40's Who's Willing To Let 100's Of Black People Die To Save One Life, And You Flash Red White & Blue Everywhere You Go……
    Everyone Other Than Captain America: Sorry Cap… You're A Racist.

  4. MatPat: A have seen fourteen million six hundred and five futures and they all end with me not knowing what the heck happens in FNaF.

  5. "I'm sorry… So your going to put MY people at risk in order to save a souped up talking MacBook with a cape?Why don't you just destroy the stone now?"

    I felt that

  6. Where's Defenders and Runaways? We need a part 6 with the MCU TV Characters wonder why they weren't invited to Endgame's final fight.

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