MadLife Montage – Best Thresh Plays


LoL Montage: Thresh Highlights – Best Plays by Madlife
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Epic Thresh Wallpaper by:

Music provided by NCS:

Warptech ft. Cory Friesenhan – Resolution:

Kontinuum – Aware:

Itro & Kontinuum – Alive:


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  1. Hey guys i am looking for thresh main to duo with me in euw i was gold 1 last season if there is any one just reply me iam bronze 1 now
    72% win ratio with draven

  2. i miss old league so much. the nostalgia of staying up all night with friends on old school summoners rift

  3. It's already 2020 and I just realized just now how stacked of a team in that 1st clip was. And he predicted the shy's flash. Lmao

  4. This man literally wrote history with this champion.Because of him many players started maining Thresh and I'm not gonna lie,I'm one of them.Even If I'm not on his level,I still find Thresh quite fun to play.Thresh is the best support.❤


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