New Nepali lok dohori song 2075 | सालको पातको टपरी Salko patko | Kulendra Bishwakarma & Bishnu Majhi

Watch, listen and share the New Nepali Lok Dohori song Saalko Paatko Tapari by Kulendra Bishwakarma & Bishnu Majhi featuring Marishka Pokharel, Kulendra Bishwakarma & Basanta Thapa only on Basanta Thapa’s official YouTube channel.

Abhyas Digital presents:- New Nepali Lok Dohori song “Saalako Patko Tapari”

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About the Song:-
” The song “Saalko Paatako Tapari” is the most viewed Nepali Lok Dohori song to date.

Before diving straight into the topic, here is a context from where the chorus was started. Saal means a tree having solid leaves and in Nepal as well as few parts of India, its leaves are used to make a Tapari (Plate made up of leaves).

Here, the creator of the song has portrayed LOVE with the Tapari which can be made out of Saal leaves but not of Pine leaves. Pine leaves are generally like threads. So, the lovely couples are singing the song in a happy note while they are shading some lights on “We can do only possible things, which is like preparing Tapari from Saal’s leaves but not of Pines.


Audio Credits:-
Song’s Title:- ‘Saalko Paatko Tapari”
Vocal:- Kulendra Bishwakarma & Bishnu Majhi

Background Male Vocals: Basanta Thapa, Ranjit Pariyar, and Bikram Pariyar
Background Female Vocals: Juna Shreesh and Sandhya Budha

Lyrics:- Nawaraj Panta
Music:- Basanta Thapa
Music Arranger:- Aashis Aviral
Studio:- Raaga Record
Recordist/Mixing:- HBN Kishmat
Audio/video:- Abhyas Digital Pvt. Ltd.


Video Credits:-

Director:- Shiva BK
Choreographer:- Shiva BK
Cinematographer:- Gyanendra Sharma
Editor:- Nishan Ghimire
Model:- Mariska Pokharel, Kulendra Bishwakarma & Basanta Thapa
Post Production:- Global FX


© Abhyas Digital, 2018

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  3. I am from different Galaxy named Unown Galaxy and I hacked my galaxy's server just to watch this song. Thanks.

  4. Lockdown event 05 June paxi yo geet sunne Koko hunu hunxa?
    Lockdown paxi herne jatile like 👇👇👇👇👇 thoknus

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