AUTOCAD PDF TO DWG – This simple tutorial teaches the procedure to convert a PDF to AutoCAD drawing file and scale the drawing to match with the actual dimensions in the PDF file .

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Procedure to Convert DWG to PDF to SCALE :

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  1. Hi, the video is very interesting.But can you do this in 2016 Cad version. Or only 2020 version have this conversion?

  2. That is a good way but in my experience and also my preference, I use the reference option. Base point of 0,0 like you said but when it asks for scale factor, copy or reference, input reference, and pick the length of the line and then manually enter the value, (22.5 in the case of your example)
    Not trying to put down what your doing but sharing what I think is a faster and more accurate way…

  3. Your tutorials are very very clear and precise and simple and we all get a lot of help through your efforts. Thanks a lot 👍 God bless you.

  4. I would have brought it into model space and used a viewport to display at whatever scale I wanted. What version of AutoCad are you using?

  5. Better you draw a line of the same length from starting point and give scale command to the pdf image with reference length

  6. Dear sir u have online course Available sir m working ⚒ in Saudi Arabia now m from 🇮🇳 India

  7. I've been on AutoCad for many years, this works, but if you're going to work with it as a house plan, then it is much faster to draw over the PDF drawing , because to clean up the converted file will take you 10 times longer than to just draw over. The converted file is in small pieces.

  8. Sir one question..how can we remove the autocad stamp while converting it into PDF .
    .I tried Dxfout and Dxffin command..but it's not working in student version.. please help for that..tyia

  9. You can use the command align also .. Simply draw a line corresponding to the length of any straight line and align the entire pdf file to that line


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