Salon Series: A Conversation with Pat Metheny


Salon Series: A Conversation with Pat Metheny

NYU Washington, DC and DC Jazz Fest present Meet the Artist: featuring Pat Metheny. Pat Methany is a renowned jazz guitarist and composer, earning both commercial success and a reputation as a sophisticated and respected guitar improvisor.

Jazz in the ‘Hoods® Presented by Events DC is a major feature of the DC Jazz Festival and unites DC in a citywide partnership and takes place in 21+ neighborhoods, presenting a mix of local and nationally recognized artists attracting large, varied audiences of DC residents and tourists of great diversity.

The NYU Washington, DC Salon Series: Conversations with Writers & Artists offers an opportunity for the NYU and Washington, DC community to meet and engage in dialogue with acclaimed writers and artists as they reflect on their craft. This program provides facilitated conversations that aim to illuminate the guests’ creative processes, discuss their current works, and explain the impact of their work on the world around us.


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  1. One of the things I like listening to is other artists' interpretations of Pat Metheny's music. There's some great big band stuff, and Ruben Blades cover of First Circle was excellent. I can't wait for Kenny G to cover some of Pat's better known tunes.

  2. Looking great Pat. Love hearing you. I’ve had you in my hip column since 79. In 1981-2 I took a Greyhound from Oakland to Rochester. It was summertime and hot. I was 21 and invincible but this was a hell of a ride. Got home a put on Wichita Falls and was blown away by this landscape of music I just witnessed, just stirring and beautiful.

  3. Bright Size Life was my first real jazz album about 40 years ago. I still love it and I still love soloing (bass) over the title track. Rock n Roll with changes.

  4. The epitome of 'Prodigy'! This man has changed the course of so much in music, not just jazz. First album I heard was Still Life Talking, and it blew my mind. So thankful for his vast portfolio of sonic wonderfulness!

  5. I wouln't like that small fucking table where you get tense just by moving coffee either. Lot of laughs seeing Pat struggling with it though. Production people, please…. i think Paul McCartney aka 'the ego' would say something to you.

  6. Great talk from Pat. The guy in the audience was right that he doesn’t seem like an American musician but more a world musician. Even his detractors have to applaud him for his commitment doing so many concerts for over 40 years and that must contribute to his sound and approach.

  7. I hope the future will record him as a major musical persona. Extraordinary musicality and connection with the zeitgeist and extraordinary musicianship. Unsurprisingly, he's very articulate but I'd rather him play and compose.

  8. This will sound absurd, but I've been listening to him since 1985, and aside from anything he might have said extemporaneously at the many concerts I've been to, this is the first time I've heard him speak at any length. 

    And I love his lack of structure when it comes to planning out his life. While we sit here imagining that an artist plans out every step, he just went with it. "It" being the music.

  9. Nice hair. For a second there I thought Pat should have been cast for the live action version of the Lion King!..

  10. This means music is timeless and changed the way I started seeing things in life. One of the best interviews with a truly amazing person! Thank You!

  11. Really enjoyed this interview. I've been blessed to see Pat play live with four of his bands and he always plays his heart out. I believe the Metheny/Mays songwriting duo is one of the greatest of any genre.

  12. He is a true American treasure. His compositions are as masterful and inspirational as anything out there in our time. He is a master. But he became one by working his ass off. Go read about his practice habits and his improvisational genius. Those who criticize him do so out of ignorance. Pat is the real deal personified. Due to Gary Burton’s tutelage Pat became an instructor at Berklee when he was 19!!! Prior to that, he was the youngest music teacher at the University of Miami. All because at that age he was practicing 18 hours every day. Go check out the YouTube video under ‘Pat Metheny Seminario’ and you can see his several hours long warm up regimen. Incredible.

  13. The Falcon and the Snowman soundtrack is where I first heard Pat. I was hooked ever since. I have seen him live over 20 times. His music transcends convention. A true master of his craft.

  14. 27:09 a rare and awesome insight into Pat Metheny's recent surprise collaboration with saxophonist Logan Richardson

  15. I grew up in Kansas City and in high school I went to an outdoor concert at the Plaza to see this teenage Pat Metheny…he walked out and 10 seconds into Bright Size Life, the world changed. What a gift.

  16. In 30 years as a fan this is the most insightful and entertaining interview I've seen with Pat. Still no word though about the new record you said you recorded last December. Get it out!!!

  17. What about Lyle Mays? He can hang with you. I say we sign a petition to get the PMG back together again for one more tour. We are not getting any younger. Come on Pat, Lyle & Pedro lets go! Last Train Home, Dream of the Return, Phase Dance, To the end of the world, Falcon and the Snowman, San Lorenzo, Have you Heard.


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