Throw Down… But Don't Spill the Cocktail | Misster Ray Reality Wrap


Ray recaps this week’s episodes of #CuttingIt and #JimAndChrissy. This week Dedra shames Pat for accepting Maya’s free furniture for the salon. Pat doesn’t spill a drop when trying to take down Dedra for our dramatic #PatShitCrazy moment! Then on #JimAndChrissy, Chrissy questions if marriage is still on the table. Jim arrives to Tiffany’s nude beach party to find retired honies and no playboy bunnies!

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  1. Jim and Chrissy need to squat…or get off the pot! Eleven years is far too long to be engaged! If he hasn't showed her that he doesn't want to get married after all this time, Idk if she'll ever get it! They'll be talking about getting married in the next 10-12 years. What's it going to take for her to "walk?" Girl..gone get you somebody who will want to marry you and appreciate you for who you are. Idk, maybe she's staying for the money much?


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