Welcome to Facebook! [HD Reupload]



Tomfoolery – David Snell
Crêpe Suzette – Cyril Watters
Dawn of the Second Day – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
Hihihi! Saturn Valley – Earthbound
How Could This Happen to Me – Simple Plan
My Heart Will Go On – Whitney Houston
Nimbassa CORE – pLasterbrain

Hey guys!

Don’t worry, I only took like a day to make this video, it didn’t bite into much of my Welcome to Fanfiction.Net and Cucumber Quest Dub work schedule.

So what’s this? Well, I’ve always been kind of disappointed with Welcome to Facebook. It and Welcome to Twitter are the Black Sheep of the Welcome To family, as they don’t really follow the standard format to varying degries of success. Facebook’s always had the issue of having REALLY terrible sound quality and low resolution, so I figured I should finally get around to fixing it.

This raises the question, will I be remaking any other Welcome To’s? No, this is the only one. Welcome to DeviantArt is the only other one that isn’t exactly up to par visually, but I think it’s amusing and short enough to hold its own.

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